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I feel so proud when friends tell me their parents like me. Like damn right they do, I am a delight.


If youre my girlfriend then there is absolutely no need to get jealous because im probably obsessed with you


one time i got a sample from the tea store at the mall and as i walked away the guy said “tea you later” and then his coworker smacked him

" Breathe. It’s only a bad day not a bad life. "

- Ashley Purdy  (via masturbationdestination)

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Just because someone desires you, does not mean that they value you.

Read it over.


Let those words resonate in your mind.


- nayyirah waheed (via elauxe)

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I want to text you. Just to remind you that I’m still here.

But then I remember that you know I’m here. You just don’t care.



Midnight thoughts (I won’t do this again)


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